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Guide to build a startup : Idea Stage

Published by Shelly

Idea is the first stage where all the unicorn starts their startup and most founders forget to understand the importance of this stage, because they think they already have enough capital and they only look for data from the internet to start building a product.

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a serious issue that mostly happens and cause of failure. Don’t be too confident before you get legit data to validate the idea. Keep in mind to do a serious and intense research before you jump into the Seed Stage.

So let me make a conclusion about what is an Idea phase is, this is the phase to get problem/solution fit or define the MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

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Okay, to everybody who confused, the first step you can do is to identify

  1. What problem do you think can be solved?
  2. What kind of people is facing that problem that will be your promising customer?

Identify it in line with doing the fundamental research about your customer and problem by get the data from the article, journal, and report from the internet.

After identifying problem and people, set up a meeting with dozens of your promising customers, do interviews to validate them and your problem assumption. In this stage, your goal would be: Define the Solution

After the very early goal is accomplished, which is defining the solution, then the next step is

  1. Made a demo product of your solution
  2. Offer the product to your promising customer over many interviews

When you get enough customers that would like to buy into your offer, you can start building out the MVP. Flexibility and awareness are important in startup. These steps are just a fundamental guide to lead you to the right path. When you don’t know how to start or you need a refreshment about basic knowledge of idea phase, you can take a look of this. Another important thing that you should realize is, idealist is good but be careful if you only look at your idea and not let other ideas come in. Let other people outside your circle tell anything about your idea, consider it and always put in mind that opportunities always come whenever and wherever you are.

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