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Period of July - September 2018



Bookslife is the first digital publishing in Indonesia. In Bookslife, every writers can experience the publishing process from editing, layout, and cover, for free. After that, the e-book will be publish in Bookslife marketplace, The price that we put is very affordable for the readers, but giving more royalties for writers. Moreover, every writers could see their transactions and royalties real time.

Infra Digital Nusantara

finance payment

InfraDigital is a digitial financial services provider for traditional business like schools and real estate. Using our platform finance team can automate bill collections, improve cashflow and unlock financing.




Matakota is a social media that help citizens & authorities to improve the city by connecting them to discuss and actively proposing collaborative public solutions for specific city issues. Moreover, the company provides emergency button so the nearest users can help each other. Potentially will be used for tracking lost belongings



Playable Kids application aims to provide safe and entertaining educational content (edutainment) verified by child psychologist. Ultimately, we will develop a platform to meet the needs of children towards a healthier child ecosystem for their better future. we provide services such as: educational videos, educational games, children’s sharing room, and school management system.



f&b Food

Homade is Catering as a Services where we manage decentralized kitchens to produce standardized and affordable quality meals. Customers places order through our App. Our warehouse then produce Ready To Cook materials which are then processed by home cooks using their underutilized assets. We use Food Assemblies as our partners (simply as someone that wish to become our central hubs). Processed food shall be delivered to Food Assemblies for quality control, packaging and final delivery to end customers. We reduce our investment cost to build Food Assemblies by opening an access for joint investment and profit sharing to potential partners or investors.



Populix is a B2B company that builds databases of respondents tailored to specific industries. By subscribing to our database, clients have access to the most accurate, comprehensive, and relevant group of respondents which they can use to conduct various research (and marketing) activities.



Ikigai Asia is an education technology startup that develops universal student identity which gives students easier and equal access to quality universities, scholarship, and the best future career. The identity consists of student’s academic, psychological, and achievement profile that’s recorded digitally and can be used for multiple purposes such as university and scholarship application, as well as accessing 21st century skill-development.

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Period of September - November 2017


Period of January to March 2017


2015 - 2016


Plomo is a mobile app that offers users access to 1 complimentary dish or drink a day from top bars, restaurants and cafes. For businesses, Plomo open up a new revenue stream through a referral system as well as act as a free marketing tool to potentially boost traffic and revenue, and more importantly, to obtain user and behaviour data.


Medika Platform is a digital healthcare platform which seamlessly integrates patients, hospitals, clinics and doctors. Spend less time queuing at hospitals and clinics with Medika App, a mobile app built for patient. Choose from thousands of doctors from 70+ hospital and clinic partners. We aim to make it easier for patient to see a doctor while promoting service excellence for healthcare providers.


Sticar is an app connecting brands and vehicle owners to create on-vehicle advertising media. By wrapping owner’s vehicle with high quality vinyl ads sticker, Sticar give the opportunities to generate extra income for drivers while brands get the advantage of exposure and access to process which details analytics about the number of impressions and reach.


PanenID is a direct & fair trade platform for farmers. They aim to revolutionize agriculture fresh produce supply chain to have stable & fair pricing, quantity continuity and outstanding quality. PanenID help farmers by connecting them directly to HoReCa end user. They help farmers plan their crops, know what commodity need to be planted and know when is the best time to harvest.


Sistem Akademik (SIKAD) is developed to handle all schools administrative and paperworks and built healthy and save digital environment. Runs with a SaaS (Software as a Service) scheme, SIKAD consists of 3 main components of the application, which is for School, Education Office as well as parents or students and connect all of them into one ecosystem.


SimpliDOTS is an intelligent distribution management system that has the capability to manage the core business activities from sales ordering & processing, purchasing, inventory management to data mining & visualization which keep all stakeholders informed of daily business operations.


PesanLab offers on demand medical check up.They are partnering both with independent and hospital labs to
serve greater jakarta area.


A direct marketing platform for offline retailers. Paprika enables retailers to reach new customers and retain


PopLegal is an Affordable Legal Platform, which combine Legal Knowledge and Techology.


HaloHola provide a local streaming platform that give users a non-buffer,free data quota streaming experience
that works in blank spots area.


TeleCTG stands as a solution for a low-cost CTG device that can quickly deliver the output data from remote
locations to an OB/GYN at a hospital, who will then analyse the data and provide feedback.


Fitnesia is a promotional booking platform that allows user to discover and instantly book wellness and beauty services. We offer 30-70% cheaper than normal rate. Our dynamic pricing mechanism allow merchant to adjust prices according to the rate of supply and demand.


Bukapintu is a graduate recruitment marketplace that connects university students and employers by bringing highly targeted job opportunities.


Hipcar is an on demand car sharing service and let people rent their cars on an hourly or daily basis. All actions ranging from registration, booking, payment, locking and unlocking of cars can be done via mobile applications.

LocalBrand Asia

LocalBrand Asia is omni-channel service for SME & Established brands across Southeast Asia with vision be a strategic partner for retail brands sell online.

4 Doctor

DoctorTool is one stop solution for your clinic! DoctorTool help to manage your primary care clinic in 4.0 era. Various features available to help you manage your practice scheduling, medical records, finance, and many others. is an online platform that enables SMEs on Service Industry in
Indonesia to list, interact, and advertise their business services.  In addition, the user can book the services through and rate and review the services, and we would like to tap in $450B services sector in Indonesia, that having more than 8% growth annually.


Klikdaily is an app that aims to revolutionize the business model of warung (traditional mom n
pop store) by providing the technology and simplifying the FMCG supply chain between retail
brands to warung in Indonesia. It has a social mission: to grow by empowering them in providing
daily commodities, and also developing their business.


Ahlijasa is solving a huge problem, helping customers connect with and confidently hire service providers for all their personal and household needs.

What They Say

Dimas Astra Wijaya


Joining GnB accelerator has been one of the best decision we have ever made. The unprecedented breadth and depth of coaching, knowledge sharing as well as networking has not only help us grow as a business but also increases our visibility in the startup scene in South East Asia. Nothing beats learning from each other mistakes and continuously strive to build a better product together. The team at GnB is very well committed to bring the best that our business can be and for that, they deserve nothing short of our deepest gratitude. Thank you team!

William Budiharjo

Co Founder / CTO XWORK

GnB Accelerator has been helpful for us in growing our knowledge and network. It encourages us to think big and accomplish more. The 1-on- 1 session that they provide is beneficial for early-stage startups to assess what is already good, what went wrong, and what can be done better. I recommend any startup founders to join GnB Accelerator to boost your growth and product-market fit.

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